Rachel Hynes
A Co-production between Collective Eleven, Women from Mars and Gitana Theatre, Produced by The Welders
Lady M riffs on the themes, characters, and language in Macbeth to explore female blood, ambition, sorcery as feminine power, and violence. Delving into the deep, dark, and bloody traditions of women’s stigmatized bodies, we push these difficult issues through the lens of grotesque comedy. Each ensemble member brings specialized training in clown, buffoon, and commedia dell’arte, which we call upon in this highly stylized, absurdist, and radical feminist bloodbath.

LadyM is pleased to have developed this show through the Shakespeare Theater's Happenings at the Harman in April 2017. Rachel received a grant from the DCCAH to research Washington DC women and menstruator's attitudes towards menstruation, culminating in a new workshop version, based on our research in September 17th and 18th at Atlas Performing Arts Center. An expanded version appeared in March 2018 in Atlas Performing Arts Center's Intersections Festival. 

The next iteration of the project will be a three-pronged endeavor, featuring a full-length version of the stage play, produced by the Welders,  a youtube channel with the adventures of a puppet made out of period products and a chapbook with poetry, recipes, spells and activities to create new rituals around menstruation.

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