Rachel Hynes
Devised Theatre

Rachel Hynes
I create original devised performance and experimental theatre that smashes convention and inspires connection. It often walks the fine line between the sacred and the profane. I also help others bring their new works to fruition in intelligent, interesting ways.
Original Works for the 21st Century
  1. "Hynes, as Half Life’s Creative Leader, has led a remarkable team in crafting something unique, timely, and wonderful." --DC Theatre Scene  
  2. ...you might be surprised by the fable [Hynes] tells in Tale of a Tiger, though the little story leaves claw marks in its unfolding. It’s suffused with brief illuminations that, in this fantastic context, recall childhood more clearly than trying to recall a particular day. --The Sunbreak
  3. "Returning frequently to the theme of resilience and healing, “You Have Made a Story” occasionally flirts with a touchy-feely vibe. But Hynes makes for an engaging confidante..." --The Washington Post